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Rolleiflex | Lightroom Preset

Includes 1 “Rolleiflex” Lightroom Preset and 3 Adjustment Presets. You are essentially getting 7 Presets, all the adjustment presets are stackable. You can apply the preset + Lighten + Soften. These will also layer over all your other presets in your Lightroom as well. I was inspired to create a line of Lightroom Presets inspired by my travels and experiences. Rolleiflex is my deepest matte preset, it will make the darks dark but you will still have that nice fine detail in your photo.

Included: |Rolleiflex| +Darken +Soften +Brighten

The 3 Adjustment Presets included can be layered on top of the Lightroom Preset. I have included them to help make my single preset useable for all your images. This presets is compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and your Creative Cloud Version **These can only be used in Adobe Lightroom and WILL NOT work in Photoshop. All products come with installation instructions. Once payment is made you can download the presets instantly.


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